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Chelsea fans need to be patient with Callum Hudson-Odoi

There was a sense of relief and happiness when Callum Hudson-Odoi signed his new five-year contract, but there has also been a great sen...

There was a sense of relief and happiness when Callum Hudson-Odoi signed his new five-year contract, but there has also been a great sense of expectation about it too, but for the wrong reasons from a lot of the Chelsea faithful. It's not wrong to expect great things from a huge talent with massive potential, but a lot of context is needed when dealing with this topic, I will be giving 3 reasons why Chelsea fans need to be patient with CHO and why a lot of fans have misplaced hate on the 19-year-old forward for every mistake or subpar performance he has.
1. CHO's Recent Injury Return
Rupturing your achilles is one of the worst injuries you can encounter as a sportsperson. Located at the back of the foot, the achilles is the biggest tendon in the body, it helps us to walk, run, jump and move our feet in different directions. Essentially, the achilles is very instrumental to bring the heel up while also allowing us to put our foot down, a basic action if you want to play football as it is the basis of all movements. So now imagine a footballer, in the best form of his career as an 18-year-old, suffers this injury. It not only traumatises the foot, but also the individual’s mind making him doubt whether he can even walk, let alone the thought of dribbling past 2 to 3 players and popping one in the far corner. The recovery period to completely get back to where you were previously physically before the injury is 4-6 months once you have completed rehab. Naturally, it is completely normal to have a period of adaptation with such a severe injury.
2. CHO's Performances and Stats This Season
CHO's immediate comeback was quite impressive, he came back and started against Grimsby and for most of the match, especially the second half, looked back to his terrorising best, albeit against Grimsby. CHO grabbed a goal and an assist, and then consecutive assists against Brighton, Lille away in the champions league, Southampton, and Newcastle - one could even say he had completely recovered and he looked to be getting back to his best.
CHO has accumulated a goal contribution of 1 goal and 5 assists this season, all coming in the space of 5 games. Since then he hasn’t had any goal contributions but has still had bright performances from the bench. Since the emergence of Pulisic and the form of Willian for most of the season, coupled with his loss of form and confidence, he has mostly been used from off the bench. CHO will need more game time to get back to where he was before the injury. In a lot of his performances this season, he is still the talented high potential forward we know, but the injury has brought inconsistency physically and mentally which he is likely to overcome with his mature and confident mentality that we know him for.
Premier League Stats 19/20
10 Games
2 Starts
3 Assists
2 Big Chances created
1 Key pass per game
1.4 Succ. dribbles per game
0.5 fouls per game
Champions league Stats 19/20
4 Games
1 Start
1 Assist
1 Big Chance created
1.5 Key passes per game
1.8 Succ. dribbles per game
1.3 Fouls per game

Carabao Cup Stats 19/20
2 Games
2 Starts
1 Goal
1 Assist
3 Key passes per game
2 Succ. dribbles per game
2 Fouls per game

3. Hate From Sections of The Fanbase
Now there are people critical of CHO’s poor form, but there are others that are still wallowing in his contract situation that took the club ages to tie up after the tricky bid from Bayern Munich in the winter transfer window of 2019. Despite the situation being put to bed with him signing a 5-year contract, those fans often use his body language to unfairly criticise him, claiming he doesn’t want to be here and just signed for money. The £120k per week salary he pockets which has also popped up a lot since he signed the deal. There are misconceptions about this that I want to clear up.
                      The contract situation was as a result of the lack of game time he received under the management of Chelsea’s previous coach Maurizio Sarri. CHO simply wanted more game time, then came Bayern's offer Chelsea as much as £40m for the 18-year-old forward and the number 10 jersey left by Arjen Robben after his retirement. That would tempt any youngster, then take into account his close friend Jadon Sancho was tearing it up in the Bundesliga. After Chelsea rejected his transfer request, he was given more game time until his unfortunate injury, The arrival of Lampard brought about a youth revival that everyone at the Chelsea academy would be itching to be part of under a club legend. Lampard guaranteed him game time and he signed, with his agent (his brother) negotiating the details of his contract (salary and the rest). His agent, as all agents are, was responsible for most of the salary negotiating, while Hudson-Odoi focused on returning back to the field.
So clearly he was just a boy that didn’t want to end up as a lot of Chelsea young talents have in the past and wanted to do what was best for his career. His body language these past few weeks is clearly one of a frustrated figure eager to get to the level he was before his injury, which is often misplaced with arrogance. CHO's salary has also been used against him, a lot of Chelsea fans claim he should be putting up 8/10 and above performances every week because he is earning so much so young, which is very unrealistic considering his recent injury, and his age - he just turned 19 years old and as we know, young players tend to have a lot of inconsistencies. CHO has shown enough to know that he is still a talented youngster with a high potential to be a world-class winger and will need time and patience from his manager, fanbase, and the English media to achieve that goal. Let's give him the time he needs before writing him off.
Written by - Seun @SeunMobolaji
Edit by - Kristen @KristenPulisic

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  1. Great article, still the most talented player at Chelsea rn