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Emerson quickly fading

Emerson's excellent start to the season is quickly fading. Injuries in between have not helped but since the last international break...

Emerson's excellent start to the season is quickly fading. Injuries in between have not helped but since the last international break, performances have not been up to the mark at all.

It all started with the match against Manchester City where Mahrez made a mockery of Emerson until Emerson was substituted off in the 59th minute. City's second goals courtesy of Mahrez was a lethal left-footed right winger's play where Mahrez cut in and turned Emerson inside out before unleashing a devastating shot.

Fast forward to the Southampton game and both the goals scored by Southampton had some level of fault from Emerson.

Southampton Goal 1:

If you notice where the play is, Emerson passes to Callum Hudson-Odoi who was already attracting 2 players with a 3rd incoming. As the play continued, Emerson runs ahead hoping for a flick pass back to him however, Callum Hudson-Odoi loses the ball which ultimately ends up being a goal due to several other collective team errors. Now, the initial pass to Callum Hudson-Odoi was not a great percentage play when clearly a pass to Jorginho who's in the middle of the field waiting. Southampton's plan was to suffocate the flanks and keep Chelsea boxed in.

Southampton Goal 2:

Southampton's second goal was a fantastic team effort and equally, Chelsea's defending was a horrible show. One of the key moments leading up to the goal was this particular instance where a quick one-touch pass defeats Emerson and completely opens up the backline into chaos. Had Emerson been tighter on the Southampton player then the first time pass would not be made so easily. Defensively, he does not always show the intensity required from this Frank Lampard team.

Now let's look at the 33 mins of nightmare from Chelsea number 33 against Arsenal.

Arsenal Goal:

As the ball was whipped in from the corner, Emerson is left ball watching. He is completely unaware of Aubameyang's movement behind him who ultimately lashes on to Chambers' flick on for Arsenal's opener. Emerson should be side on with Aubameyang so he is always aware of his movement. Standing in front of him allows Aubameyang to be at his lethal best.

Emerson in no man's land:

On the 17th min with the score at 1-0, Emerson was once again found napping. A ball from Arsenal's half released Nelson who played off the shoulder of Emerson. Eventually, Nelson squared the ball to Aubameyang who deftly laid it off to Lacazatte. Luckily Kante intervened just in time to block Lacazatte's shot. This should've been 2-0 and it all would've culminated from lazy left-back defending.

On the 33rd minute, Emerson was substituted off for Jorginho and the rest was history. Jorginho was a massive game-changer and Chelsea ended up winning 1-2 in a comeback victory.

Chelsea's left-back position was always a concern but now it is starting to become a priority to be fixed once the window opens in January.

Written By: Miz Rahman
Twitter: @Miz9Rahman

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