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Time for consistency - Time for building a foundation - Time to trust this lineup

As the Arsenal game is now less than 24 hours away, I've been thinking about what is the best way to counter them. Then I realized, ...

As the Arsenal game is now less than 24 hours away, I've been thinking about what is the best way to counter them. Then I realized, enough with looking at each game at a time. It's actually time to settle for a style, formation and a regular starting XI to build a foundation for Chelsea in the long run.

Taking aside injuries and suspensions, I want the above team to get a run of 10 games to start building chemistry within the team. I am opting for 4-2-3-1 formation as this is probably Frank's best-suited formation and one that he completely understands.

Moreover, it has a decent balance between youth and experienced players. Let us look at this lineup in more detail:

  • Kepa is our number 1 goalkeeper, so by default, he starts. We like to build up from the back, therefore he is best suited for this style. 
  • Reece James needs to start regularly purely due to his superior crossing ability. We need more thurst from the full-backs and he allows for this. Defensively he has a lot to learn still but this is something he will adapt once given the opportunity. 
  • The CB pairing of Zouma/Tomori was vital during the winning streak earlier this season. They seemed to have been developing a relationship until rotation came to intervene that progress. Let's revert to this combination and actually give them a proper chance. 
  • The left-back position is a serious cause for concern but if it's a back 4 that we settle for then Emerson's probably best suited for this. Having said that, Emerson needs to improve his attacking abilities in this position. 
  • Kova/Jorg is our best double-pivot partnership. IT allows for excellent buildup play, vision and drive through the middle to break opposition midfield. Once again this pairing was crucial in our winning streak earlier in the season.
  • It's time to give Callum Hudson-Odoi a prolonged run. We all know he has the talent and currently suffering from low confidence due to lack of game time. We have invested heavily in him so why not give him the chance to own this position now. He can interchange with Pulisic within the game as he does not need to be rooted in the left-wing position. 
  • Mason Mount will play the shadow striker role and be the point of pressing/defending from the top. Frank wants to work hard without the ball and Mason is the best example of this. Furthermore, Tammy and he have a great understanding in-game. 
  • Pulisic on the right-wing (but can interchange with Callum). He has great dribbling ability which will allow him to play between the lines, allowing Reece to overlap or he can take his man on, hit the byline and whip in vicious crosses. 
  • Tammy's our best striker at the moment who is fast developing into a well-rounded striker. Hence, as a default, he starts.  
Jorginho to captain the team and Kova to be his deputy. Give this team a prolonged run and see where this takes us.

Written by: Miz Rahman
Twitter: @Miz9Rahman

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