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Chelsea mid-season SWOT analysis - 1st Edition: Strengths

This is the first edition of Chelsea's mid-season SWOT analysis and we'll start off with Chelsea's strengths. Let's bre...

This is the first edition of Chelsea's mid-season SWOT analysis and we'll start off with Chelsea's strengths. Let's break this down into 3 sections to ascertain a better understanding of Chelsea's strengths midway into the season.

Chelsea's adversities have been well documented prior to the start of this season. Former manager Maurizio Sarri parting ways with Chelsea, transfer ban imposed on the club and key player departures created a picture that the club was in a meltdown. However, some would say these adversities have been the catalyst to Chelsea's current strengths. Here are 2 notable club strengths:

  • The appointment of Frank Lampard - A legend of the club comes back as the club manager. A relatively successful season at Derby saw him catapulted to the highest rank in the Chelsea team. He has brought the connection back with the fans as many said that was lost under Sarri. He has also assembled a star-studded backroom staff who are all very close to the Chelsea football club and understands the key values of the club. 
  • Youth Academy - During this transfer ban stricken part of the season, the youth academy stood tall and did its level best to alleviate the pressure from losing key players and not being able to purchase new ones. The quality of players that are now part of Chelsea's starting XI is a testament to Chelsea's excellent youth academy.  
Even with this fairly young squad and with a manager who's in his 2nd professional year as a manager, Chelsea's managed to be 4th in the PL and progress to the second round of the Champions League. Through all the adversities in this season, the team has found a sense of camaraderie and a desire to succeed when the odds are against them. Here are some notable team strengths:
  • The fundamentals of possession-based football from last season have been adopted as this can been seen with the build-up play from the back. 
  • The introduction of intense pressing from higher up the pitch shows the team's intent off the ball. 
  • Being flexible with formations depending on situations 
  • Being able to compete against top clubs even with the team's limitations 
Through the midst of this transfer ban stricken season, many players have emerged to be the strength of the Chelsea football club. Here are some players who've become strengths for the club:
  • Tammy Abraham - Many did not expect such a great rise from this player. The way he handled himself post Super Cup penalty miss has been exemplary. He has broken the number 9 curse in Chelsea and secured his position as the leading striker of the football club right now. 14 goals and 4 assists in all club competitions so far this season.    
  • Mason Mount - Undoubtedly he is one of Frank's most trusted players. He does exactly what Frank wants from a second striker. Many fans misunderstand his role as a creative midfielder but that's not his primary role. He is there to press high, play with utter energy and intensity and support the forwards. He has knicked 2-3 goals simply pressing high and forcing the opposition to make mistakes. 5 goals and 2 assists in all club competitions so far this season. 
  • Kovacic/Jorginho/Kante - This trio is probably the strongest component of the team in terms of controlling the game. They bring vision, drive and machine-like work rate through Kante. What they lack through goals, they thoroughly make this up with all other facets of football. 
  • Reece James - His phenomenal crossing ability is already becoming a huge strength for Chelsea. Although the fruits of it have not been fully seen yet through assists, this is simply a matter of time. 
These above players have most definitely become Chelsea's strength at this mid-stage of the season. 

Overall there's still quite a lot of work to do this season but the club is heading the right way to building their strengths in all fronts. Hopefully, the transfer market will further assist in this process. 

Written By: Miz Rahman
Twitter: @Miz9Rahman 

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