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Chelsea's goalkeeper conundrum

Picture Credit: Daily Express Chelsea's goalkeeper position has been a hot topic this whole season so far. Kepa Arrizabalaga, the wo...

Picture Credit: Daily Express
Chelsea's goalkeeper position has been a hot topic this whole season so far. Kepa Arrizabalaga, the world's most expensive goalkeeper has had a highly inconsistent season under Frank Lampard. There are plenty of stats out there which will show you Kepa's save percentage or quality shots against him but I'm not here to indulge on stats. I'll go straight to the point as to where Kepa's been struggling this season:

  • Set-piece defending - During set-piece defending, whether it be a corner or a free-kick, Kepa's barely ever commanding his box to nullify any threat. Sure the defence has to be sorted out as well as there's been a lack of leadership in that department but Kepa certainly could help by being more commanding in the box.
  • Long-range shots - We've seen some instances last season where he's been beaten from long range but this season this has happened a few too many times. It almost seems like Kepa's slow in reading the game and/or he is not positioned well when encountering these shots. 
  • Distribution - Something that was a pure strength last season has become a nightmare at times this season. There have been several instances this season where his poor distribution has caused mayhem in defence. Most times we might've escaped punishment but these incidents take a massive hit on the confidence level of the team. When defenders see that the keeper is making uncharacteristic passes then doubt starts creeping into the entire team's game. 
Frank hasn't shied away from this matter either. In at least 2 instances he has publicly made the comment that he knows Kepa's made mistakes which have cost Chelsea points. There's also been rumours in Chelsea football community that several sources are saying that Frank's now searching for a new keeper to either take over the Chelsea number 1 role or give Kepa a much bigger competition than Willy Caballero. 

Having said that, a shocking surprise was delivered by Frank to the Chelsea fans against Leicester when he dropped Kepa and started Willy Caballero. It took a bit of time for the starting lineup to sink in but eventually, for the majority it made sense. It was the wake-up call Kepa and the board needed. It was a reality check for everyone that nothing should be taken for granted. Kepa's made too many mistakes this season, far too many for a top club like Chelsea. 

Did Caballero have a stunning game against Leicester? No, not all. As a matter of fact, there was a complete brain explosion from him for the 2nd goal Chelsea conceded. However, he did make 2 big saves in the match which could've been a possible goal. 

So what does Frank do now? With Man United, Tottenham and Bayern Munich coming up this month, I feel Frank should continue on with Willy Caballero. Kepa needs to earn his spot back and it doesn't make sense to drop him for just one game to learn a lesson. This may be detrimental to the style of football Frank wants to play which is build up from the back but it is probably the short term pain that is required to achieve long term success.  

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Written By: Miz Rahman 
Twitter: @Miz9Rahman 


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