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Chelsea's double pivot combinations

So far this season we can strongly state that Frank prefers the 4-2-3-1 double-pivot formation. He has tried other formation but the 4-2-...

So far this season we can strongly state that Frank prefers the 4-2-3-1 double-pivot formation. He has tried other formation but the 4-2-3-1 seems to be his default formation, perhaps due to the personnel that is available to him.

Having said that, let's look at some of these combinations at a high level and see what advantages and disadvantages they bring.


  • Defensively Kante will make a lot of difference. However, Jorginho's not always the fastest when opposition counter which then makes him out of position at times. 
  • Offensively Jorginho has the vision and can ping a brilliant pass from the deep. However, Kante's not always lethal moving forward. He does get into great spots but generally, he's wasteful. 
Overall this is not my preferred double pivot. 


  • Defensively we already know what Kante can provide and I believe Kova can provide a bit more in defense than Jorginho. Not a whole heap more but still a bit more. Kova's faster than Jorginho which definitely helps with defending. 
  • Offensively Kova's press resistant and can drive the ball through the middle to alleviate the pressure from the defenders. He definitely has the vision to pass as well. However, he isn't as smooth as Jorginho if you want to build up from the back. Once again both Kova and Kante are not genuine goal threats. 
Overall this could work and we have seen it work but this is not the most effective double pivot.  


  • Defensively Barkley has the size to be robust but his form this season so far has let him down. Potentially this combination could be dynamic in defense but it's not something I want to gamble on. 
  • Offensively Barkley poses a lot more goal threat (although once again we haven't seen much of it this season) however, he lacks the vision of Kova/Jorginho. 
Overall not my preferred double pivot.


We have seen how electric this double pivot could be. They have:

  • Flair
  • Understanding 
  • The ability to soak up pressure when building up from the back 
  • Defensively smart enough to intercept 
  • The vision for one-touch passing 
  • The vision for long-range passing 
The only problem is that they lack goals (which won't be a problem once we get wingers who can help Tammy with goal scoring as well) and at times defensively caught out against quality opponents. 

Overall this is one of my most preferred double pivots and one which is extremely effective. 


We've seen this work against Burnley recently where Barkley was under strict instructions by Frank. He was quick with his passing and predominantly positioned well defensively and offensively. He gave Jorgniho good support when building up from the back. Jorginho linked up well with the defenders and Barkley linked up well with the attackers. Together they complimented each other.

Overall this is definitely an option and one that can be used often (more specifically against low block teams).


Now, this is the most interesting double-pivot partnership I feel.

  • Defensively both are robust enough to help out our defenders. They are quick so they shouldn't get caught out in counters. Both are smart enough to intercept and launch a swift counter on their own. 
  • Offensively Kova's an excellent passer and Barkley's not entirely bad. Barkley has the goal threat and can link up with the attackers a lot better than Kante or Jorginho. 
  • Buildup from the back can be done smoothly too as Kova is press resistant and both Kova and Barkley can drive through the middle to split opposition midfield. They both have the ability to break opponents' press. 
Overall this is a highly recommended double-pivot after Kova/Jorginho. 

In conclusion, no pivot is good enough without Kovacic at least!!

Check out Miz Rahman's Youtube Video in regards to this - Chelsea's double pivot

Written By - Miz Rahman
Twitter - @Miz9Rahman 

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