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Chelsea’s Future Squad - Opinion Piece

With the recent agreement for the signing of Ajax superstar Hakim Ziyech, the question pertains, what will Chelsea look like next season?...

With the recent agreement for the signing of Ajax superstar Hakim Ziyech, the question pertains, what will Chelsea look like next season? Currently, our squad is quite unbalanced when it comes to strengths and weaknesses on the pitch. Our attack currently contains Pulisic, Abraham, CHO, Willian, Pedro, Batshuayi, and Giroud. Our defence currently includes Azpilicueta, Emerson, Alonso, Tomori, Rudiger, Christensen, Zouma, and Reece James. In our midfield, we have Kante, Jorginho, Kovacic, Loftus-Cheek, Billy Gilmour, Barkley, Mount, and our recent addition in Ziyech. Lastly, we currently have Kepa, Caballero, and Cumming in the net.

After our disaster of a January Transfer Window, all eyes will be on Lampard and the board this summer to make important and smart signings to replace the holes in our current team. To provide some insight into our future, I want to outline my ideal summer window with all the ins and outs necessary to make this team more competitive.

First, I wanted to address the players who I believe are simply either not good enough, out of their prime, or simply who don’t fit into our structure. First off, I believe that Pedro and Giroud must be the first people on mind when we start selling. They have helped us greatly in the past, but for us to move ahead we must accept that they will not improve our squad. Next, I think we should also sell Alonso, Batshuayi and Barkley. They were once thought to be good acquisitions, but their dips in form have made it clear that they may not improve individually to be able to play much in this team. Also, I wanted to address some rather questionable people in the squad. Many people want to sell Kante simply for the enormous money we would get, but frankly, I think that’s a bit unnecessary as he is still killing it even in his degraded form. Lastly, some people have said that Jorginho and Willian should also leave, but I simply have to disagree. Jorginho is far too important for us and Willian can be a good backup.

On to the fun part, the incoming players. The club and Ajax have already agreed that Ziyech is coming this window for around 35 million euros. He will surely be a crucial player for our team next year especially with his versatility. When it comes to our targets, I believe our best route is to get a striker and winger. The winger we should aim for this summer is obviously Jadon Sancho. The guy is simply steamrolling through Bundesliga defences and is near Mbappe levels of potential. He should be our first transfer target this summer from the minute the window is opened.

For our striker options, I think we should look at 2 targets, Moussa Dembele and Immobile. Dembele has been a target for us since the end of the transfer ban, but Immobile may come as a surprise for some. In my opinion, he is criminally underrated as he is currently the top scorer in all of Europe beating the likes of Lewandowski and Cristiano Ronaldo. As for defenders, I think our current choices are good enough with the return of Rudiger and Christensen (the latter being back from a string of poor games). I also believe our fullbacks are covered for at least another year with Reece James and Azpilicueta producing some notable performances.

So, you are probably currently thinking, how in the world will we sign all these players? When it comes to funds, we do not have any problems at the moment but I believe the club is currently trying to save up for some type of expansion for the Bridge. Every other “big” club has a huge stadium but our lack of seats loses us money for the club and for the fans who have to pay more individually to make up for that lost profit. I believe that is one of the reasons why we weren’t able to sign anyone this window and why we would have to be cautious this summer. To be cautious, I created this graphic to picture my ideal and realistic window.

A net profit of EUR -64 million may seem horrible, but keep in mind this is without including the massive sum we gathered from Hazard which we still have not spent and we won’t spend until Ziyech arrives on July 1st. If you include the Hazard sum into this net profit, however, we assume a net profit of positive 36 million. This transfer window will leave some much-needed depth requirements, but with our rising youth players, I don’t think depth will be as big of a problem.

Written by - @IramCFC22

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