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Chelsea Wages: The Effect and Expectation

In a largely inflated market that has seen clubs buy players at insane amounts of money and have subsequently offered huge wages to acq...

In a largely inflated market that has seen clubs buy players at insane amounts of money and have subsequently offered huge wages to acquire or retain a player’s services. A player’s market value, the player’s club’s dependence and the player’s potential are the prominent examples that have led some agents to bully clubs into giving settling for their client’s demands. So then to what impact or effect has this had on player expectations from fans and coaches? Is it a motivation factor for some? When is a player worth the £150k - 200k conversation? 

With Callum Hudson-Odoi, we could look at how the new contract and wages has caused an uproar from some Chelsea fans. Chelsea certainly felt the heat from Bayern as their melodic tunes flirted with CHO and his interests which simultaneously made Chelsea pull out their best band to silence the music from the Germans. By doing this, Chelsea almost faced a debacle in trying to keep him, but a raging fan base and an agent in CHO’s ear didn’t give up and Odoi got the contract he was asking for. A 5-year deal worth £120k a week.

We didn’t care about the wages, as a fan base, we just wanted him to stay as we loudly sang choruses of “the chosen one” and facing the ban, Chelsea were also held captive as they had to retain all their guns but was what to follow expected? Surely he’s been very very unfortunate as he has been marred by injury and a handful of good performances that even saw him dropped to the bench for a bit by Frank. Now here comes the trickle-down effect. The next guy starts thinking, if Odoi can squeeze that amount from the board, why can’t I? I mean they’ll feel important just as much so what happens when half your prospects want a pay rise? Do players deserve a pay rise? You bet they do, but shouldn’t that be a reward of performances? Isn’t that positive reinforcement? You could say “wait” to one but what if they say “what about Tammy?” 

Yes, you guessed right, I’m subliminally talking about Tammy Abraham. Demanding £180k from a club that’s sorely chosen to back him as their main man isn't fair. No doubt he’s been good, but he’s shown he's still not the finished product and has so much more to learn still and in this author’s opinion, shouldn’t be demanding that amount “YET.” It’s clear to see that Chelsea has been tying down their best young guns and it’s fair for Tammy to ask for a pay rise, but not by holding Chelsea captive.

If say, Chelsea does give in, it may cause Mount to look at his payslip, Zouma, Tomori, Reece and now everyone will want £100k plus wages. With Chelsea now free to sign players, shouldn’t Tammy seek to seduce Chelsea into showing it's him they should invest in first before rushing out to buy the fresh new toy! Who’s the winner and loser here? Should a whole board be bullied by a player with potential or should the club take their stance and show no one is bigger than the club? It all becomes a monotonous problem when the wage interferes with a player’s performance and attitude. In my opinion, sometimes, footballers should please their employers first and earn the promotion.

Danny Drinkwater didn’t care if he was in Sarri’s plans or not, as long as he can pay his rentals. Gareth Bale would opt to play golf than lose his paycheque, Paul Pogba is paid for dabbing in the hospital. Is it wrong for fans to expect a little more after a new contract has been signed? I feel they do. Higher wages should be EARNED! Peep Hazard, he was the same character in the dressing room and on the pitch with what he earned. You’d argue that he even got better after the New Contract. So then, would you blame a fan if he said “you should be playing better lad, you’re getting paid a lot for it?". Absolutely NOT! You ask for the sums and all of a sudden you’ll be forcing some of your following to expect high-quality performances consistently at least 

What about senior players? Well, seniority should have nothing to do with how much one should get paid honestly in my opinion. With consistent good performances, it’s only fair that some players get a pay rise for their loyalty and hard work but not because they’ve been there longer. What if they aren’t giving enough? Take Willian for example, he should be a leader of the group teaching experience and not demanding more from the club really when at this point they could do without him. It’s only unfair for the seniors IF they give their heart and soul and have never been in conversation for an improved contract. It really should go without saying. For the younger players, it’s a whole complex that will continue dividing opinion. Some would say “you’re wrong thinking he shouldn’t get that much, when he becomes good, that wage won’t even matter.” And some would say “he’s still young and he should focus more on improving himself more, than asking for a lot from a club showing so much faith in him.” Should you be coerced into investing in your girlfriend for the simple fact she could leave for the next guy because she has Nicki Minaj potential or should it all come gradually? 

To clarify, I’m by no means bashing CHO and Tammy about their performances because it’s ludicrous to bash an 18 and 21-year-old. These are definitely players with full potential and a whole career ahead of them and constantly need our support and playing crystal ball has the capability of possible disappointment and amazement. Not to mention, with academy players Chelsea avoid amortising transfer fees which ultimately saves Chelsea money. Nevertheless, giving out high wage contracts too soon can create the wrong precedent which can create long term instability.

Written by - @CFC_Maniac 

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