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Tammy Abraham: The Promised Number 9

Tammy Abraham’s performances this season has dispelled any doubt of his ability to make the step-up to the Premier League. After scorin...

Tammy Abraham’s performances this season has dispelled any doubt of his ability to make the step-up to the Premier League. After scoring 15 goals across all competitions, Tammy has demonstrated the quality to warrant the number 9 jersey at Chelsea for years to come. However, recent reports relating to Tammy’s contract stalemate with Chelsea have Chelsea fans questioning him once more. With that being said, here are 5 reasons why Tammy will be world-class, and an integral part of Chelsea’s present and future, irrespective of the recent doubt that has surfaced. 

1. Spatial awareness and intelligence 
Tammy has always possessed great intelligence for a young attacker. When developing through the ranks in Chelsea’s famed academy, Tammy’s game was largely built upon the ability to make runs in behind an opposition, using his pace and power to cause problems for defenders. Since going out on loan and returning to Chelsea, Tammy’s movement and intelligence have improved to the point where Chelsea rely heavily on Tammy’s penetrative runs and attacking dynamism. Goals against Wolverhampton, Crystal Palace and Watford have all been examples of Tammy’s excellent ability to identify and exploit space, the hallmark of an elite centre forward.

2. Technical quality and link-up play
A concern most Chelsea fans had in regards to Tammy Abraham game was his ability on the ball. Tammy has thoroughly silenced any doubters this season, showcasing the ability to combine with Chelsea’s forwards and midfielders, which has been a crucial component of Chelsea’s offence this season. As the season has worn on, Tammy’s understanding and link-up play with players such as Mount, Willian and Pulisic have developed to the point where Chelsea almost look lost without their number 9. 

Tammy also possesses excellent technical quality on the ball, which is crucial given the fact Chelsea usually play against teams who deploy a deep defensive block. This ability to manipulate possession in tight spaces means Tammy can receive the ball when tightly marked without being dispossessed. When you compare that to Chelsea’s forwards in the recent past, Tammy represents a significant upgrade in this department.

When you consider the fact that Tammy is 6-foot-4-inches, can run in behind and has excellent technical quality, it is fair to say that Tammy is one of the most dynamic and complete forwards in England. 

3. Out of possession
Frank Lampard, who’s system is largely built upon energy and dynamism, requires his forwards to press high up the pitch, which is something Tammy Abraham has done to good effect this season. Tammy has often been Chelsea’s first line of defence, engaging with opposition defenders and midfielders to initiate a press or cut passing lanes. Tammy’s defensive ability has been a key reason behind Giroud’s exclusion this season. 

4. Mentality
After enduring a sticky spell at the start of the season, which included missing a decisive penalty against Liverpool in the European Supercup, Tammy Abraham was subject to racial abuse from a minority of ‘Chelsea fans’ online. Tammy responded to the abuse by scoring 7 goals in the proceeding 3 games, showcasing strong character and mentality that can withstand the pressures and abuse of today’s modern game. 

Additionally, Tammy has spoken of the desire to learn and improve from those in the current Chelsea squad, and from any potential signing. This willingness to improve indicates that Tammy will always look to continually improve, even where most players may be satisfied with their performances; a mentality that sets elite players apart from the rest. 

5. Chelsea born-and-bred 
Contrary to the recent reports and opinions, Tammy Abraham is Chelsea through and through. Tammy joined Chelsea’s academy aged 7 and has participated in all of Chelsea’s age groups throughout his time at the club. There is no doubting Tammy’s love for the club, despite what recent reports may suggest. This love for the club directly correlates to a passion and desire to see the club to succeed, something which has been missing since the days of Chelsea’s golden era. 

Although Tammy Abraham has had a solid first full season with Chelsea’s first team, there are a number of departments in which he can improve; particularly, his ability to anticipate crosses into the box and his aerial ability. In saying this, there’s no doubting that Tammy Abraham will reach his maximum potential and become a world-class, elite centre forward. Although the goals haven’t always flowed for Chelsea’s number 9, Tammy has demonstrated the ability, desire and mentality that will enable him to reach the upper echelons of English football, and Chelsea will be aware of this; so, expect to see the club and Tammy come to an agreement in the near future.

Written by - @ffierro_
Edit by - @KristenPulisic

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