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Top 5 Best Chelsea Games Of The 2019-20 Season

What a rollercoaster ride this season has been for us Chelsea fans! For every incredible display put on by the youngsters this seas...

What a rollercoaster ride this season has been for us Chelsea fans! For every incredible display put on by the youngsters this season, we also had to sit through multiple masterclasses from a side managed by Ole Gunnar Solskjær.

With that said, this season has come to a screeching halt and I thought perhaps now is the time for me to maybe take a backseat, sip my coffee and revisit the season to look for the best Chelsea matches of the season.

1. Chelsea vs Ajax: (4-4)

We’re starting off strong, eh? Not a fixture particularly enjoyable for the Maldinis of the world, this CL game yet had the power to remind us football fans why we fell in love with the beautiful sport in the first place. Even as a neutral watching the game just for the theatrics, you were showered with every enjoyable element in more quantity than what you might have expected.

This game had everything. Two penalties, two red cards, two own goals, defensive disaster classes on either side of the pitch, a winning goal meant for the ages that never was, and everything in between. When Chelsea came back in the match from a 4-1 deficit, I remember hearing the commentary half asleep on the third goal and suddenly the sorrow turned into a pipe dream.

Never have I seen Chelsea turnaround of such epic proportions and this Champions League fixture more than deserves its entry into the list of best Chelsea matches of the current season.

2. Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Chelsea: (2-5)

This Wolves side is never associated with humiliating losses, especially at home. The brilliant work by Nuno Espirito Santos to turn the Championship side into a European competition entrant and a big match team deserve all the plaudits and admiration.

This is exactly why a 2-5 victory against such formidable opponents, in their own backyard, was such an impressive performance by this Chelsea team is full of budding youngsters and potential future stars.

All our young guns from the academy (Tomori, Tammy, Mount, etc) playing in the game proved their mettle and erased all the lingering doubts about whether they belonged on this massive stage or not.

A Tammy hattrick (4 actually, if you count his own-goal), a Fikoyo Tomori wonder goal and a Mason Mount icing on the cake - it was quite the day for the academy boys. The thunderous sound of the ball smashing into the net 5 times meant this was quite a game to relish, and displayed the promising signs that were to come with the academy products of Chelsea.

3. Chelsea vs Everton: (4-0)

When the Returning Hero, Carlo Ancelloti, hugged his opposite coach and former understudy Frank Lampard at the touchline before kickoff, he definitely wasn’t expecting to be welcomed with a joint-worst defeat of his illustrious career with a 4-0 drubbing.

The most recent entry into the list, this game was as comprehensive as they come. There is something about the Mount-Gilmour-Barkley trio in the centre of the park that even though it doesn’t fill me with confidence on paper, yet worked so efficiently you might as well have the three taking care of business moving forward.

The dynamism, adventure and the industry of the three midfielders perfectly combined and it meant that this game was perhaps the most fluid display of Chelsea that I’ve seen in a long long time.

Billy Gilmour further raised his stock in front of his loved ones, Barkley channelled his inner Iniesta and reminded us of the player he could be when on song. The old guard stood up big time as well with brilliant goals coming from the senior-most Chelsea players on the pitch in Pedro, Willian, and Giroud. All in all, a complete Chelsea performance further boosted by the pleasure of acquiring a clean sheet.

4. Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspurs: (2-1)

While I could have also easily included the reverse fixture against the North London side at their home turf, especially when a scoreline of 2-0 playing away sounds more convincing, for me personally, this game was even more enjoyable to witness and also we saw our defence unit performing at its peak.

If you saw both the games to their entirety, you’ll also concur that the second game played at Stamford Bridge was perhaps the better pick given that we created loads and loads of chances, and on the other side of the pitch our defence was stomping with authority on any potential goalscoring opportunity by the Spurs forwards. All the opponent could manage in response to getting royally battered for 90 minutes straight was a fluke goal in the dying minutes of the fixture.

And Lampard becoming the first-ever manager to complete a league double over a Mourinho managed side ever made the victory taste all the sweeter.

Even the bench strength of Chelsea got to flex their muscles as the forgotten names in Olivier Giroud and Marcos Alonso ended up being the difference makers.

5. Southampton vs Chelsea: (1-4)

Southampton for me is just one of those unoffending teams that I just want them to do good, which is why I felt a bit easy when witnessing a massacre unfolding at the Saint Mary’s stadium in broad daylight. Even I was astonished at the sheer brilliance of this side in this match and also blame this very match as the day I started tying unrealistic expectations with this side and hoped for a miraculous league-winning run.

Even though the reality bit me not too long after, this game still holds its weight as the time that we certainly got to witness what the team, when on song, is capable of. The opposition simply had no answers to the blistering pace, the match awareness, defensive astuteness and the collective understanding of the game that came to the fore from the blues.

A highly professional match that helped introduce Lampard to the league in a more concrete sense, and showed me glimpses of just how good our youngsters (or even the overall squad) can be.

Which other Chelsea games from this season knocked your socks off? Feel free to put down your best Chelsea game of the season in the comments below.

Honorable Mentions:- Chelsea v/s Grimsby Town (7-1), Tottenham Hotspurs v/s Chelsea (0-2), Arsenal v/s Chelsea (1-2), Chelsea v/s Liverpool (2-0), Burnley v/s Chelsea (2-4)

Written by - @Kunalwashere

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