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McAvennie: Billy Gilmour is really a class talent, he bullied Liverpool

Getty Images Former Scotland international Frank McAvennie has hailed the impact of Chelsea star Billy Gilmour in the Premier League th...

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Former Scotland international Frank McAvennie has hailed the impact of Chelsea star Billy Gilmour in the Premier League this season.

The 18-year-old broke into the first eleven before the break and produced man of the match performances against Liverpool in the FA Cup and Everton in the Premier League to the delight of McAvennie.

“Gilmour is class. He is really a class talent,” McAvennie told Goal.

“He has been fighting for games at Chelsea for some time. When I went to West Ham, I came to England to play against the best.

“That’s what he has done by leaving Scotland and choosing Chelsea. He is doing magnificently in midfield. Frank Lampard is giving him a chance and I don’t think too many others would have given him a chance.

“It is brilliant for a young manager to give young players a chance. I think in a couple of years that Chelsea could be a team to be reckoned with. I think they are a bit too young to challenge this year or next year, but I am looking for the year after that when that talent matures.

“Steve Clark is a friend of man and manages Scotland but I will still say, if he doesn’t put him in at Scotland then I will be surprised. He might be young and new, but he bullied those Liverpool players, then he did it again to Everton.

Many people were surprised by Gilmour's display but Chelsea manager Frank Lampard told Sky Sports few days ago that he could have started playing him much earlier.

“When you look at Billy he is slight, he is young, quiet and polite,” he said.

“But we had to move him into the first team building a while ago because he trained at such a good level.

“If we have a possession drill in training, a game or even a passing drill, people talk about doing the basics as a young player and Billy does that.

“In the modern game it gets lost a little bit, can you do the basics right? Billy does them day in and day out.

“People probably think I threw him in against Liverpool, but he probably deserved to play a bit earlier by how he was training.

“It was probably me being a bit conservative with him.

“But the minute he got in he replicated the passing drills and what he did in training against Liverpool - the best team in the country.

“It was a real pleasure to see someone coming in and doing the midfield basics.

“I don’t want to make it sound like he isn’t a talented player because he is, but sometimes the simple things are harder to do.

“He has set a benchmark and after this break, he has to go on and have the career he has shown he could have.

“I think he will because his attitude, his family and surroundings are good as well as having the talent.”

Billy Gilmour is likely to retain his position in the first team when football returns after the Covid-19 break.

Written By Vince @blue_footy

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