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Why Chelsea FC need Philippe Coutinho

Coutinho, Coutinho, Coutinho. The name that has been on our timeline for the past few days. It’s the name that has also been dismissed ...

Coutinho, Coutinho, Coutinho. The name that has been on our timeline for the past few days. It’s the name that has also been dismissed straight away by certain parts of the Chelsea fanbase. But why? Due to his Barca/Bayern transfer/loan not going quite his way? It's something us Chelsea fans are quite good at, judging players before we even take a minute to look at the bigger picture. Before talking about Coutinho and what he could bring to the team, let's see who he would be potentially replacing.
Well, aren’t you a difficult player to talk about Willian Borges da Silva. Lets firstly look at what type of player he is or some will say, was. A typical quick feet, fast, skillful Brazilian winger. I remember watching him play against Norwich as he curled his first Chelsea goal into the top corner and just thought, wow. Well, since that day in 2013 I think I can count his memorable games for us on two hands in 329 appearances! What frustrates me is how he plays. When he gets the ball, all he does is run towards the byline and swings a hopeful cross into the box. There never seems to be any method to his madness. Don’t get me wrong, when we played Tottenham this season he was insane! Everything he did was fantastic. I remember the ball was hoofed up from our box and Willian, nearly off the pitch, controlled the dropping ball with such ease. In my mind, that sums up his Chelsea career. He always had that performance in him but very rarely did the Chelsea faithful witness this. In the 2019/20 season, in 21 starts he has managed just 6 assists. He’s Chelsea’s number 10 but he isn’t playing like it.

Whilst sitting down, beer in hand, I was thinking to myself, how do I describe this guy? I looked online for some inspiration and I saw him described as hard-working. The refreshing Beer I was sipping ended up over my table. I would say he’s the complete opposite. Yes, I know he’s put in some good performances but the majority of the time he simply "did a job". If you watch him play and he plays a bad ball, the first thing he will do is complain to the other player and blame them. It's never his fault. I’ve always had the sense that he thinks he’s bigger and better than the club. I have no doubt, Chelsea, means a lot to him but his attitude just always seems a bit off to me.

Let’s talk about his scoring record. Again, he’s produced some amazingly important goals. The Everton goal to win 1-0 really sticks with me. This is why I said he was difficult to write about. He’s had the quality and in snippets, he’s used them, but not frequent enough. In 329 appearances for Chelsea, he’s managed 59. To let you know how abysmal that is, Hazard scored 110 in 352 appearances. Hazard made 23 more appearances and yet scored 51 more goals. Good enough from Willian? I don’t think so.

Oh Pedro Rodriguez, where has the time gone? It felt like yesterday you scored your first Chelsea goals against West Brom. 5 years you’ve been with us and I will always have a little chuckle due to your amazingly big smile when you score or those games against Tottenham I believe, when you decided to do step-overs on our own box and JT was just standing there in confusion. We were never getting the Barcelona Pedro but we did get a special player. That year under Conte he was a different beast. I remember his curler against Everton at Goodison like it was yesterday. I was sitting on the carpet, streaming the game so I was a few seconds behind, eating a Lamb Doner Kebab and then BANG! You scored that beauty!

Unlike Willian, I’ve never doubted his work rate for the team, in the attacking and defensive sense. However, this season he has sadly declined. If you don’t have pace in the Premier League you are going to struggle and unfortunately, his pace is going. So far this season he has managed to make just 18 appearances. Scoring 2 and assisting 3.

There isn’t much more to Pedro. He’s been a good, solid player who has always done his bit. Mr. Rodriguez is now 32 turning 33. His contract is up in a few months and Chelsea would be foolish to offer him a new contract. He’s on £100,000 a week and unless he is willing to take a huge pay cut, it’s time to say goodbye. I only say that as he would be good for the youngsters as he has won everything you can in club & world football but that’s not worth £100,000 a week.

Once you hear his name, the majority thinks “he’s past it” due to a transfer that didn’t work out in the way he wanted it to. I like him, I like him a lot! Firstly, he can shoot from outside the box. In the 19/20 season, Chelsea has only scored 7 goals from outside the box. Since Lampard, can you remember a midfielder for us who will take shots from outside the box with confidence? I can’t. He has that Hazard-Esque flair where with one touch he can turn defense into attack. How many times have we seen our moves break down in the final third this season? He can also score freekicks! Did you know, Chelsea hasn’t scored a Premier League freekick since Marcos Alonso in the 2017/18 season!

Where would he fit into our team? Well for me, Id want him playing as a winger. This is on the basis that Willian & Pedro leave. I’ve seen a lot of people say they want him in midfield, which he can play, but I wouldn’t want him to. One of the main reasons is that Lampard won’t drop Mount. I like Mount and I think he brings a lot to the team. That leaves the two behind Mount but it would be a waste to play Coutinho there.

Would I pay the reported £50 million? YES, YES, YES. Come on, who wouldn’t want him? He provides all that we need. I’ve seen people saying we don’t need him as we have Callum and Ziyech but as we have seen this season, injuries do exist! Coutinho is the full package. Don’t write him off because of a bad transfer move.

Written by – CFC_CHRIS97

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