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Aubameyang - Desire for trophies? Chelsea's the destination!

Picture Credit: With the current saga going on between Aubameyang and the lack of title ambition from Arsenal, It's...

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With the current saga going on between Aubameyang and the lack of title ambition from Arsenal, It's still uncertain if Aubameyang will renew his current contract with the North London side. 

One thing that can't be denied is the Gabonese ambition to win titles with an elite club in Europe. Age not being on his side may be the driving force here. With the Gabon football association president, Pierre Alain Mounguengui quoted as saying “I don’t want to say Arsenal isn’t ambitious but Arsenal doesn’t have ambitions as high as some other clubs as far as Europe is concerned,” Mounguengui told ESPN. “So if Pierre could secure a contract with a more ambitious club he’d definitely find his place there".

With Arsenal struggling to make top 6 in the English Premier League,  asking them to fight for top 4 or even win the EPL may be far fetched. “Aubameyang is a world-class player but for him, or anyone else in Europe who hasn’t won a major honor, football is a collective sport,” Mounguengui said. “Right now he’s at Arsenal and he’s won nothing here. So it’s a collective failing.”

Aubameyang loves life in England and London precisely and what better club in London to go than Chelsea where you're guaranteed winning trophies and with an ambitious manager like Frank Lampard who's got an astute blueprint for the future. He is the kind of player that fits straight into Frank's style of football with his lightning pace, agility, and eye for goals. He is an experienced and clinical striker who will be a big upgrade to the Chelsea attack.

Some say the introduction of Aubameyang to the Chelsea attack will deter the development of Tammy Abraham but that wouldn't be the case as the Tammy we know is a very competitive player with a strong mentality who doesn't see competition as a stumbling block. There are lots of things Tammy can learn from the experienced Aubameyang. One fact every Chelsea fan can't deny is, Tammy still needs some improvement in his game to become an elite striker.

After the exit of Drogba, Diego Costa and Hazard from the Chelsea attack, the football club lacked that "Mr. Reliable" from the attack. Auba fits right into this category. Since joining Arsenal, Aubameyang bagged 49 goals and made 10 assists in his 75 appearances. In the 2019/20 season alone he's scored 17goals.

Tammy Abraham needs a healthy competition and even the gaffer Frank Lampard wouldn't deny he needs healthy options at the top. Aubameyang fits into this box. 

Every player that moved from Arsenal to Chelsea ended up winning trophies as we've seen with William Galas, Ashley Cole, and recently Oliver Giroud. Some section of the Chelsea fan base may ask why Chelsea didn't get Aubameyang from Dortmund during the triangle swap deal (Batshuayi to Dortmund to replace Aubaeyang to Arsenal who replaced Giroud to Chelsea), it's simple, Chelsea then had a certain Eden Hazard who was Chelsea's best player who did better playing off Giroud with good chemistry. Giroud is arguably one of the best holding strikers in the world. Sarri played to the strengths of Hazard and so there was no need for a pacey striker then but Giroud who could hold and lay the balls off to Hazard. 

Football clubs bring in players that fit both the philosophy of the club and that of the manager to which Aubameyang ticks this box again. What is left to see is, if he is ambitious enough to win trophies or just want to retire as one of those goalscoring strikers without trophy recognition? If Aubameyang wants to remain in London and win trophies then there's only one London club he can dream of, Chelsea FC. 

Written by - @iAmDanky (Twitter handle) 

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