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Jorginho & The Merry-Go-Round Relationship With Chelsea Fans

“Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder” It’s funny then, how we Chelsea fans are an anomaly to the settled order to nature! The quote mentione...

“Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder”

It’s funny then, how we Chelsea fans are an anomaly to the settled order to nature! The quote mentioned above doesn’t apply to us, amongst many other things such as the title of “That London Club to never win The Champions League” (pure banter). However, staying with the topic at hand, it was recently reported that Sarri, our former boss, was once again willing to reunite with his Napoli brainchild Jorginho.

The news itself was met with mixed emotions, where a straight swap with ageing, dwindling star in Miralem Pjanić didn’t spark major celebrations, while a small portion of fanbase still wanted you to believe that somehow we were the one on the better end of the deal, should it materialize.

While I have no doubt that being a rebel is in fashion these days, where every major Twitter account is jumping on the “Unpopular Opinion but Smalling > Maldini” sort of a bandwagon to post the silliest possible piece of their mind-fiction, it’s no secret that some genuinely hate the sight of this 28-year-old Chelsea Regista and believe he’s utterly useless.

In this piece, we shall dig deeper as to the reasons why this much-maligned Italian has struggled to convince our fanbase that he belongs here and that he is good enough. Also, we will further try and make sense of the whole “sell him for free” agenda! 

Now, we’re going to segment this article into two major categories and make a case for both selling Jorginho, as well as keeping him. This is based on a tried & tested formula where when you can’t make a choice, you simply have to form a list of ‘Pros & Cons’ to help you with the final decision. I will also attempt to rate the sensibility in each argument and see if the point actually holds any weight. So without further ado, let’s jump right in...

# Making A Case For:-

A. Selling Jorginho (ASAP!):-

Reason 1: “Not up to the pace of the Premier League”:

This is the biggest shade thrown towards Jorginho, but I can’t help but think it’s thrown way often than it should. For one, this argument would’ve made far more sense if Jorginho was a 22-year-old left-winger, and it was an essential part of his game to be able to skin defenders and motor past his victims with ease.

As a Regista, it’s not like Jorginho downright lethargic, which is backed up by an excellent return of 4.4 tackles and interceptions in the league. For context, labeled “GOAT” in the business, Fabinho averages 3.2 T&I in the same league and is hailed as the Messiah of all DMs.

Yes, stats are not everything but they do reveal a story, a story that Jorginho is unfairly criticized for his lack of pace when he still manages to put in his weight in the defensive phase.

Reason 2: “Doesn’t Score Enough Goals”:

We’re lucky that players like Pirlo, Iniesta, etc were around during times when a midfielder’s skillset was judged on more diverse metrics than just the goal tally. Iniesta, arguably the greatest of his generation was able to find the back on the net only 6 times in the whole season when the era pf Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona was at its peak! Pirlo was similar in a way as he was never an ice-cold, goal-scoring machine at any instant during his famed career.

Jorginho is no different than Pirlo as far as their playing position, and roles are concerned. Would it help if he was to score more often, but misplacing passes and getting caught out of position more often too? I can’t help but think we’d be worse off in that trade.

Reason 3: “Too many midfielders in the squad, dude”:

Chelsea boasts a tremendously stacked midfield. Coached by the midfield magician himself, we can make a case for having arguably the strongest, and the most diverse set of midfielders in the whole league. It should make sense then that we let go of one of them, like a Jorginho, to fetch a hefty sum for him and then invest the amount to fill other holes on the pitch!

While I can certainly get behind this thought process, it’s also important to remember that squad depth is the season-defining factor when the teams are crawling through the final stages of the league. Chelsea’s injury record for the past few years is worse than my college grades, so the last thing we should want is having to play Ross Barkley in the Regista role because everyone else in sight is laying on a stretcher while Jorginho is out there having a time of his life chipping long balls to Christiano!

# Making A Case For:-

B) Keeping Jorginho:

Reason 1. “One Of the Few Leaders On The Pitch”:

If the infamous Kepa incident from last year in the Cup Final has taught us anything, it’s that we seriously lack true figureheads in the team for the first time in decades! You can’t picture Kepa having the nerve to attempt anything like that with the likes of Terry, Lampard, and Drogba on the Pitch and Petr Cech waiting to replace him with his gloves on.

Jorginho, however, has emerged as a true fighter, and a true kingpin amongst a group of vanilla characters this season. He doesn’t mind a 50-50, a cheeky tackle, or a mid-game brawl. How often do we see him pointing at his own teammates and letting them know what to do!

Also, Jorhingo is crucial to the formation and the style that Lampard wants to instill, which is essentially a revised version of Sarri’s system, something that Jorginho is all too familiar with.

Reason 2. “Perfect Role Model To Billy Gilmour & Co”:

While Billy GOATmoar might be just a social media trend, the truth remains that the youngster has shown tremendous brain and game reading ability within the limited opportunity thus far! People who follow Chelsea games can clearly find the parallelism in his play with that of Jorginho.

This is a great learning curve for these budding youngsters who are brimming with talent, and also have the luxury of learning the craft with someone as street-smart as the Italian himself.

Reason 3. “Chelsea Don’t Really Need The Funds”:

Yeah man, that’s how it be at Chelsea! After miraculous sales of Morata, Bakayoko, Hazard, Diego Costa (for which Marina deserves her own statue by the way), Chelsea are in no real rush to accumulate the cash and sell a valuable asset in order to keep the club afloat!

Reason 4. “Impeccable Injury Record”:

No matter what, Jorginho and Azpilacueta have been there! Both these senior squad members are coming under some scrutiny (unfairly most of the time), it remains the case that Jorginho is amongst the most consistent performers in the team, who’ll put his hand up when you need him.

The Final Verdict:-

Despite what you might have guessed, no, I’m not advocating for Jorginho to sign a lifetime contract and play with us for the rest of his life. The point of this article is to debunk some of the widespread misconceptions regarding Jorginho. I simply fail to understand the logic behind selling him in return of a Pjanic, or even selling him to then splashing 50Mil for his inferior version today in Declan Rice!

Selling Jorginho makes sense if and only if decent transfer money is involved, the chances of which are slim given the financial hits that all big clubs are likely to take due to the current lockdown situation!

Jorginho’s transfer value should in no way be less than £50M which I simply don’t see even his guardian Sarri paying in the wake of the current disaster. The best course of action is to instead keep Jorginho, and judge him fairly on basis of metrics of an actual Regista, which is to maintain the tempo of the game, keep the ball in possession within the opposition’s half, starving the opponent of the ball, and then find an occasional killer pass!

Do you agree? Or do you think we should cut our losses and find him a new home in Italy? Feel free to let your thoughts known in the comment section below!!!

Written by - Kunal 
Twitter - @Kunalwashere
Picture edit by - @Miz9Rahman 

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